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Corporation license TrustViewerPro

1,167.00 $3,150.00 $

License up to 1000 concurrent connections

When subscribing for 2 years – 5% discount on the base price*
When subscribing for 3 years – 10% discount on the base price*

*The calculation of the discount is made from the base price in rubles, taking into account the conversion
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TrustViewerPro Corporation license allows you to organize simple and secure connections between computers over the Internet, as well as in local and distributed corporate networks. The Corporation license allows you to control the TrustServer server with up to 1000 simultaneous connections.

The TrustViewerPro development team tried to make the configuration of the server and client parts extremely clear and simplified.

As a result, TrustViewerPro remote management software does not require special knowledge from end users. The settings of the client part are minimal, the network parameters are determined automatically and it is enough for the end user to simply launch TrustViewerPro and report the authorization code. System administrators and technicians will also not require specific knowledge and skills.

Using TrustViewerPro software, you can:

  • provide full technical support without visits to the end user;
  • broadcast connection sessions for selected users, conduct remote training for employees or customers, adjust the end user, provide advice using text chat, audio and video communications using only computer functions;
  • organize remote workstations by connecting from any computer to your work computer or terminal server using the RDP protocol.

A unique feature of TrustViewerPro is your own TrustServer coordinating proxy server. Its main features are:

  • flexible setting of access rights of users and computers registered on the server;
  • online monitoring of active users and computers;
  • monitoring the relevance of server versions, connected client modules and their timely automatic update;
  • initialization of communication sessions between remote computers;
  • transfer of traffic between remote computers, in case it is impossible to establish a direct connection between them.

At the same time, TrustServer specialized proxy server also provides connection security. Each communication session is protected using modern encryption technologies based on modern SSL / TLS protocols.

In addition, TrustViewerPro is a simple, but at the same time, multifunctional product that allows you to:

  • manage remote computers;
  • show your desktop;
  • record sessions of remote connections for subsequent demonstration and analysis;
  • communicate using text, audio, video chat;
  • perform group sending messages to all or only to selected computers;
  • execute commands and scripts on remote computers;
  • transfer files using the built-in file manager;
  • copy data using the clipboard;
  • organize remote jobs;
  • configure uncontrolled access to a remote computer;
  • configure integration with your own Helpdesk / Servicedesk services;
  • choose individual design of the client part (branding).

You can familiarize yourself with the key features and subtleties of the settings in the TrustViewerPro software user guide.

Of course, all the questions and situations of working with TrustViewerPro cannot be covered in the user guide, so each individual case can be discussed on our forum.